Sonicbytes ERA2

ERA is a professional multipurpose Midi-Stepsequencer / Arpeggiator-Plugin. It controls up to 12 instruments or effects in a very dynamic way. All in realtime and controllable via Midi. Its unique pattern-variation approach, supporting different views on one pattern, provides an outstanding musical inspiration and expression.

ERA2 provides many new features like the playlist-editor. The restyled GUI and numerous enhancements make dynamic composing easier. A new demo-version is also available.

New in version 2

  • Playlist-Editor with multiple live-controllable Loops
  • Completely restyled GUI
  • Variation display indicates used variations
  • Revised and extended Reference Manual
  • Help-system revised and updated
  • Full mousewheel support including pianoroll-scrolling
  • Midi-Controllable Step-Spin, ideal for breakbeat
  • Improved Midi-Import
  • Overall consistence and terminology improved
  • Several bugs fixed, including midi-in displacement bug with certain buffersizes
  • Step-selection reworked, now control+mousebutton on step-leds
  • Example Library including presets, banks and patterns of different styles
  • Reusable templates for drummaps, setups and workflows

The introductory price for ERA2 is 49 euro. Updating to version 2 is free for ERA users.

Note: Only the VST version is updated at the moment, the MFX will follow soon.

Check Sonicbytes site for more information and a demo.