Soniccouture Abstrakt Vol. 1

Soniccouture has announced that its first ever library Abstrakt Vol. 1 is now available as a free download.

We have re-released our first product as freeware – the scripting and graphics may look a little old fashioned, but the sounds still sound pretty fresh to us! We include the original scripts – more developed versions of these are to be found in our script product Scriptorium.

Abstrakt Vol. 1 features

  • 250MB Sample library.
  • 16 Bit 44.1khz samples.
  • 64 Kontakt instruments.
  • 5 KSP Scripts.
  • Kontakt format (v3, 4, 5).

Abstrakt Vol. 1 is available to download at no cost. A Soniccouture website account is required (registration is free).

More information: Soniccouture