sonicLAB has announced an updated version of the EnVBot stochastic envelope generator for Windows and Mac.

Version 2 comes with new features and countless refinements, offering efficient and creative ways to trigger original results.

The ADSR….The essential modulation source of a of a sound generating system to envelope a certain sonic behavior. Ready to trigger, simple, but also very in outline. sonicLAB rethinks the ADSR and now releases the EnVBot, an advanced envelope generator in form of a VST/AU plugin.

Changes in EnVBot v2

  • EnVBot v2 offers now three playback modes: playback with stop at release point / or without stop, and looping mode.
  • In the loop playback mode and with random seed / playback speed option, continuous variation on each ADSR can be achieved with the same settings.
  • A playback position reset command is available with the “r” key, which resets the positions on the server and clients in sync.
  • Random seed and manual seed iterations are synced with server and clients. Now only the EnV trigger button and the ADSR position changes will trigger a new seed when random seed is turned on.
  • EnV trig button is now also a remote plugin automation control and likewise can be handled also when the plugin window is closed.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats, EnVBOT v2 for Mac and Windows 64-bit costs 59 EUR (includes server and client editions). It is available as a perpetual license or in rent to own payments directly at sonicLAB webshop.

It is also included in the sonicLAB Bot Bundle and Cosmosƒ Saturn7 + sonicLAB Bot bundle.

More information: sonicLAB