sonicPlanet has announced the release of an update to its StarWaves audio-visual synthesizer and sound texture creator software.

StarWaves2 comes with the StarWavesRemote VST3/AU plugin which lets the user control StarWaves2 remotely on a DAW and apply continuous automation data for every parameter.

StarWaves is an audiovisual scene architect, the embodiment of sound, space and visual design rolled into one. StarWaves gives the sound designer the architect’s role by creating possibilities of dialogue between these multiple elements.

Changes in StarWaves2

  • A Platform block stochastic fail feature has been added. This models a light bulb flickering effect and when it is active it cancels the platform audio blocks randomly. Also one can add a lo-fi distortion effect on the platform audio block to emphasize this effect.
  • Emitter Offset X, Y, Z sliders have been added to easily moving the emitters in space as an alternative to mouse grabbing.
  • The Sequence panel has been revised; a time counter showing the between scene transition time has been added. Also a blue bar indicates the sequence playback position.
  • Countless parameter destinations have been added to the MIDI and OSC sections.
  • A new Venus planet theme has been added on the Themes panel.

Priced 75 EUR, StarWaves2 for Windows and Mac includes all the in-app purchase options of StarWaves V1 by default. Existing StarWaves v1 users can migrate to StarWaves2.

Additionally, sonicPlanet has recently released Creation, another generative sound texture creator featuring a space physics engine.

Imagine that Einstein and Ligeti would be collaborating on a musical app.. Creation is an advanced sound design tool giving the user the principal dynamics of your universe.The user gains the architect’s role by creating dialogues in a 3D simulation scene based on gravitational interaction. A force which is responsible of the macro-formal evolution of our universe.

Creation is available as a standalone app for Windows and Mac. It costs 89 EUR.

More information: sonicPlanet