Sonicprojects OP-X

Sonicprojects has released version 2.1 of OP-X and version 1.2 of OP-X PRO, virtual emulations of the Oberheim OB-X synth.

Changes in OP-X v2.1 / OP-X PRO v1.2

  • OP-X: new switchable legato mode (L next to levers).
  • Arpeggiator now with key-down-run, two-state (normal, steps).
  • Improved voice allocation unit (less voice steals).
  • New sophisticated patch change smoother (works only with midi program change).
  • Keyboard animation now globally switchable.
  • OP-X PRO: all filter trimpots midi cc remote controllable now.
  • Midi CC feedback for jump-free remote control with endless encoders.
  • No struck notes anymore when switching between unisono and poly mode while playing.
  • No clicks any more when using keyboard animation in very slow computers.
  • Keys are not fixed anymore when holding a key and switching off animation.
  • Midi controller for steps knob now works as it should.
  • CC for volume changed to 7 for receptor and 11 for pc (the old one still works too).
  • No more double ccs (exept volume for compatibility to former version).
  • Shipped fxb bank library updated with the latest bank additions.
  • Completely overworked pdf manual (with linked index as usual).

OP-X and OP-X PRO are available for Windows and Mac as a Reaktor ensemble, and as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Sonicprojects for more information.