Bootsy releases “Nasty” signal coloring fx series

Bootsy Nasty fx series

Bootsy has released the “Nasty” signal coloring fx series, a collection of three freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Nasty FX Series

  • NastyLF, a specific and tuned combination of lowend EQ and output stage.
    The low frequency EQ in classic boost/cut design offers both: broad ‘oldschool’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable) altogether with a variation of that special sounding curve designs when using boost and cut in combination. A new developed output stage offers tasty lowend saturation which can virtually be driven up to 24dB with internal automatic gain compensation.
  • NastyHF, a specific and tuned combination of highend EQ (peak and shelve) and oversampled output stage.
    The high frequency EQ offers both: broad ‘old school’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable). HF peaking is applied on fixed frequencies and the 10kHz filter performs as a shelve. Both designs feature special musical sounding curves. A new developed and oversampled output stage offers fancy and almost artefact free HF saturation prominently featuring K2 and K3 harmonics with attenuated higher harmonics.
  • NASTYtableTop, a low-mid frequency booster which increases perception in this frequency range by saturation.
    In subtle amounts this is perceived as a kind of ‘phatness’ while in extreme settings this is going to be perceived as ‘muddy’ and/or ‘distorted’.

The previously released NastyLF plug-in included in this package is an updated version with some bugfixes.

Download the “Nasty” fx series here.

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Absolutely must have plugins.


Big ups for Bootsy.
His/her plugins sounds really great!
Now NastyLF is almost a standard insert on my bass channels to add a little or much touch for the big bottom.

/M.Q. [Chinese Flavored Electronic Music]


Never before…
Never before have i worked with a plugin that lets me dial in the sound i am looking for with such ease and such musical characterand i have worked with music productions since 1979.

Sometimes someone just knows how to create something that really works.
Totally impressed…

NastyCS,my fav EQ tool.



Thanks for sharing your spirit with us ;)

But the link is broken :now your last version is 1.2, not 1.0 ;)

I found it on KVR anyway :D