SoniqWare MT-1

SoniqWare has announced the release of MT-1, a multiband transient processor for Windows.

With MT-1, you will be able to modify the attack and release content of most sounds, using settings that can be adjusted individually in four frequency bands.

MT-1 multiband behavior is obtained using three low-latency linear-phase perfect reconstruction crossover filters. These filters have adjustable slopes and their cutoff frequencies can be tuned on a wide frequency range. Each of the four signals is then routed to its own individual transient processor. These make use of very fast detection algorithms, and provide attack time and gain controls, release time and gain controls, as well as a make-up gain.

MT-1 Multiband Transient Processor features

  • Multiband transient processor.
  • Linear-phase crossover filters.
  • Fast detectors.
  • Attack and release transient processors.
  • Crossover slopes: 12 dB/oct, 24 dB/oct or 48 dB/oct.
  • Crossover cutoffs: 200 to 20000 Hz.
  • Attack time: 1 to 100 ms.
  • Attack gain: -12 to 12 dB.
  • Release time: 10 to 1000 ms.
  • Release gain: -12 to 12 dB.
  • Solo button for each band.
  • Link button for tying controls.
  • Graphical display: crossover filters and make-up gains.
  • l/R vu-meter with hold peak and clip readouts.
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192 kHz.
  • Stereo operation: L/R, L only, R only, M/S, M only, S only.
  • Load/save programs and banks.
  • vST automation of all parameters.
  • Silent controls.
  • Use of SSE/SSE2 instructions.

MT-1 is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 159 EUR.

More information: SoniqWare