SoniqWare PE-1

SoniqWare has released version 1.1 of PE-1, a versatile seven bands stereo linear phase parametric equalizer with fully decramped analog-like frequency response, graphical editor, and unique shape controls.

Changes in PE-1

  • Fixed several issues on some hosts:
    • Clicks or scrambled audio could be heard when stop playing.
    • The host was not notified of parameter changes when pushing the ‘paste’ button of PE-1.
  • Fixed several issues when using SONAR (6, 7 and 8):
    • Graphical editor was freezing after hitting pause or stop.
    • Clicks or scrambled audio could be heard at the end of loop in loop mode.
    • Right vu-meter was showing 0dB on a single channel signal when ‘enable mono processing’ was set.
  • Fixed issue when using CUBASE (4.0 and 4.5):
    • Software activation would not work in some cases on Windows Vista.
  • Improved CPU usage when moving display handles and knobs.

SoniqWare PE-1 is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $199 USD / 159 EUR.

Visit SoniqWare for more information.