Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Sonivox Orchestral Companion, offering a 66% discount on three plugins in the series of virtual orchestral instruments.

Sonivox Orchestral Companion 66 off

The sale includes the following instruments:

  • Orchestral Companion Brass features 80 brass programs, each one meticulously crafted to deliver as accurate and convincing an experience as possible. It includes full orchestral brass ensembles, sup-groups and a complete selection of solo instruments.
  • Orchestral Companion Strings comes with over 90 string programs from state-of-the-art captures of world-class string ensembles. This instrument includes full orchestral string ensembles, as well as a full array of individual string sections.
  • Orchestral Companion Woodwinds provides a realistic and lifelike collection of 115 outstanding programs. Full orchestral woodwind ensembles are included, as is a full palette of smaller wind sections, plus an amazing collection of solo instruments.

Also on sale is Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2, a virtual instrument featuring a powerful selection of cinematic drum and percussion instruments.

Sonivox Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2

Whether you are searching for that extra bit of rhythmic flavor, or striving to create the most epic of battle cues, Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2 packs the punch you need to get the job done in minutes.

The Orcehstral Companion and Big Bang Cinematic Percussion instruments are on sale until April 2nd, 2018.

More information: Sonivox