Nils Hilbricht has announced that the third annual Sonoj Convention will be taking place October 26th-27th 2019 in Cologne, Germany.


The convention focuses on the combination of music production and free/open source software with a priority on practical music production.

At Sonoj there will be talks, demonstrations, and workshops from demonstrating basic workflows to detailed instructions on how to subtly improve your sound.
While the event will take place in Germany, all presentations and workshops will be in English, recorded and streamed to make them easily accessible to a wide audience.

We want to welcome everyone, regardless of your musical or technical background.

Information and recordings from last year’s convention are available in the Sonoj archives.

Admission to the convention is free, though donations are welcome. Visitor registration is now possible, with limited space available.

Sonoj is looking for talks, demonstrations and workshops. If you would like to contribute, you can send an informal and short e-mail with your ideas to

More information: Sonoj