Sonokinetic Sultan Strings

Sonokinetic has announced the release of Sultan Strings, a multi-format sample library featuring string instruments.

These are String ensemble samples like you’ve never heard before. Distinctive, effective and with an ear for authenticity, Sonokinetic is proud to announce and present another genuine first in sampling history.

You’ll never find samples anywhere else that match the uniqueness, originality and authentic middle eastern style that is found in this massive collection of string ensemble performances. Impossible to recreate or compose with ordinary string sample-libraries or dedicated string library platforms, this collection focuses on live performances by one of the world’s best middle eastern string ensembles and royalty free custom composed arabian styled phrases.

Sultan Strings features

  • Core samples: 16 instrument patch containing the following playing styles:
    • 50 tempo-synced 2 bar phrases
    • Tempo-synced runs (up and down)
    • Sustains (with dynamic crossfading to vibrato)
    • Tremolos
    • Trills
    • Glissandi
  • Single instrument for Kontakt 4.2 and higher with 4 panels – Main, IR, EQ & Credits
  • 4x EXS24 patches for phrases and multi sampled collections.
    • Light version for phrases (for quicker loading and less strain on RAM)
  • 4x Halion patches (phrases and multi samples)
  • Apple Loop format (all phrases temposynced)
  • Tempo-synced runs (Up, Down and Up-Down)
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • Sonokinetic IR space design knob to allow dynamic assignment and configuration of the convolution effects.
  • Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage.
  • Customisable keyswitching system to allow command of articulations in your compositions.
  • Visual representation of current key when playing phrases
  • 5500+ samples. (5,33 GB sample content) (exl apple loops, 11.000 samples total, 10,25 GB total)

Sultan Strings is available to purchase for 79.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic / Sultan Strings