Sonuscore has announced the release of a new cinematic granular-style instrument inspired by the icy climes of Icelandic glaciers and Scandinavian mountains.

Featuring 2 granular engines and 2 particle drives, Nordic Spheres is a layering machine provides all kinds of interesting and complex atmospheres.

NORDIC SPHERES is a Kontakt instrument that creates vast, frozen soundscapes and musical spheres using a combination of rich, sound effects content, granular synthesis, and percussive sounds. We worked with Mats Lundgren and Amina Hocine from Sweden-based Pole Position to create a treasure trove of rich tonal and non-tonal audio from a wealth of creative sources. Mats’ recordings combined with our layering and arpeggiator possibilities have created a truly inspirational instrument.

The sonic sibling of TIME TEXTURES and CHROMA, it is perfect for composers and producers who want to experiment with both sound design and music.

Nordic Spheres features

  • Unpolished, ambient sound fusing musical instruments and sound effects.
  • Truly inspirational instrument, powered by Sonuscore’s highly-acclaimed engine.
  • 4 independent sound layers to shape incredible soundscapes and melodies.
  • More than 200 carefully crafted presets.
  • Sound effects content & granular synthesis.
  • Full mod wheel support of its unique core engine.
  • Powerful motion engine to drastically change the timbre.

Available for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player, Nordic Spheres is on sale for the intro price of 159 USD/EUR until May 2nd, 2023 (regular 199 USD/EUR).

More information: Sonuscore