Sound Dust has released a new Kontakt library made made from rare and unusual soviet era synths.

The third in a series of instruments that bend and twist arcane analog synthesis into new and unexpected shapes, Soviet Synthfundibulum #3 is hand sculpted from 7 rare and idiosyncratic soviet synthesizers.

This time we have a sound set created in a collaboration with Armenian composer Art Tadevosyan and based on his collection of ageing soviet synth beauties. SSf3 offers 3 independent oscillator channels, each with a choice of 33 multi sampled sound sets made from 7 strange keyboards.

A redesigned INFUNDIBULUM engine plays to the character of these synths. In addition to the original cunning multi-arp system Soviet SYNTHFUNDIBULUM#3 has new filter sequencing, 10 new soviet reverb impulses and new insert effects.

Packed with character and possibility with an organic plastic flavour Soviet SYNTHFUNDIBULUM#3 is an infinity of analogue that frankly you will never hear anywhere else.

Soviet Synthfundibulum #3 features

  • 33 multi sampled sound sets.
  • 7 rare soviet synths.
  • 1 Kontakt instrument with 250 presets.
  • 2.6GB download.
  • Infundibulum multi arp system with filter sequencing.
  • Custom reverb impulse responses from rare soviet gear.

The sample library is on sale at Sound Dust for an introductory price of £36 GBP until July 11th, 2021 (regular £60 GBP).

It requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8 or higher (Kontakt Player not supported).