Audio Plugin Deals has launched a limited time sale on the Cadenza Guitar Bundle, offering over 70% off on the collection of 3 virtual instruments by Sound Magic for the next two weeks.

This bundle includes a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar and a ukulele. These instruments are widely used in music production for their rich tones and expressive dynamics.

Cadenza Guitars is easy to use and compatible with most DAWs. You can customize your sound with various effects and settings. You can also mix and match different guitars to create your own unique combinations.

Cadenza Guitar Bundle features

  • Deeply sampled with over 6,500 samples (11GB uncompressed data).
  • Modeled tremolo, vibrato, glide, and glissando.
  • Innovative performance key switch system.
  • Embodied high-quality reverb and EQ.
  • Comprehensive envelope system.
  • Scala tuning system can emulate the old/new tunning system.
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project.
  • Differnt GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), the bundle is priced $69 USD until April 12th, 2023.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals