Sound Magic has announced availability of its effect plugin featuring auto pitch tracking and harmonic shaper EQ with preset libraries.

Neo EQ Grand Collection is able to automatically detect and lock in the most audible/sensitive frequency, making the whole EQ process much easier and more effective than traditional EQ.

Neo EQ Grand Collection does a lot of the work that a mixing engineer did in the past. Send an audio signal to Neo EQ and it will analyze that input and find just the right frequencies. Musicians won’t need to hunt for the right frequency by themselves anymore or worry about whether they can find the correct one. After Neo EQ finds that perfect frequency, users will be able to adjust the bass, the basic frequency and the harmonic for processing tracks. This not only saves a lot of time, but also can give the users amazing insight on how those with years of training zero in on exactly what needs fixing.

With the ability to lock the fundamental and harmonic frequency, Neo EQ Grand Collection can be used as a powerful harmonic shaper. Users can quickly lock on 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonic. Change the proportion of them. This will have a significant result on the final tone color of the instrument. This is a natural born advantage of Neo EQ which other parametric EQ cannot do. Even in a busy mix, Neo EQ can change the timbre/tone color to musician’s desired point effectively.

Neo EQ Grand Collection features over 100 powerful presets that can help deal with different cases in music production.

The plugin is available in VST and AU formats for the intro price of $49 USD until May 14th, 2020 (regular $169 USD).

Sound Magic is also celebrating the launch for its new website with a special sale event on its instrument and effect plugins.

More information: Sound Magic