Sound Radix has released an update to its Auto Align Post 2 time-alignment correction tool for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.1 delivers Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility, streamlining the workflows for users of the popular video editing software application.

Auto-Align® Post enables dynamic time-alignment correction of moving location microphones, which makes it possible to effectively mix the boom and lav microphones by eliminating comb-filtering and phase artifacts caused by the time-of-arrival differences, with just a few clicks.

The last update (v2) took a significant step forward by introducing a new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, and user interface. Now, with v2.1, Auto-Align® Post includes a new native Adobe Premiere Pro extension along with AAX for Pro Tools and universal ARA2-VST3 plugins for compatible DAWs such as Nuendo, StudioOne, and others. The update also brings M1 and Apple Silicon compatibility.

Auto-Align Post v2.1 with Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility is now available for $399 USD. Existing Auto-Align Post 2 users can update for free by logging into their Sound Radix user area.

More information: Sound Radix