Sound7 has released Explorations Vol. 1, a soundset featuring 64 exclusive premium presets for the Serum synthesizer by Xfer Records.

Sound7 Explorations Vol 1 for Serum

The soundset is ideal for Ambient, Sci-Fi, Soundtracks, and Electronica.

A journey into sound design, taking inspiration from Sci Fi, Off World Colonies, Inter-planet excursions and into the unknown. Dive into a world of inspirational sounds unlike any other.

Explorations Vol. 1 features

  • 16 Synth.
  • 12 FX.
  • 11 Bass.
  • 11 Pads.
  • 8 Plucks.
  • 6 One Key Sequences.
  • Quickly change the nature of the sound with fully assigned macros.
  • Extensive modulation and mod-wheel utilization enables quick and radical sound alteration.
  • Custom envelopes on a variety of parameters for unorthodox sounds.

The soundset costs £12.95 GBP.

More information: Sound7 / Explorations Vol. 1 for Serum