Soundcells Salad Bar

Soundcells has released Salad Bar, a collection of patches featuring sounds from previously released Soundcells ReFills, plus some exclusive patches only available in Salad Bar.

Salad Bar’s patches will cover all kinds of music styles showing you the very best Soundcells has to offer. It’s a great refill to get to know our work introducing you to our signature dimension of designing sound.

Salad Bar features

  • 142 combinator patches in 8 different folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, Salad Bar exclusive (currently 23 patches)
  • The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches used for the combinator sounds.
  • 160 well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT and ReDrum + 40 new REX loops.
  • 8 tracks in RNS format – inspiring and with high ‘tutorialesque’ value.

Salad Bar is available for 9.90 EUR. A purchase includes a coupon for the same amount, which can be used to purchase other Soundcells ReFills (excluding Salad Bar releases).

More information: Soundcells / Salad Bar