Electric Grand EG70 has released Electric Grand EG70, a physical modeling simulation of a CP-70 electroacoustic baby grand touring piano.

This piano had a significant role in the pop music of the seventies and the eighties, featuring in songs by well known musicians like Stevie Wonder, Genesis, George Duke, Simple Minds, etc. It is now back on the stage thanks to the british band “Keane”, you can see it in the video of the song “Everybody’s changing”. Every modern digital keyboard offering a wide variety of timbres has a patch inspired to the sound of the CP piano, and sometimes it’s still preferred in genres like rock and pop where the producers want a brighter and more prominent piano sound.

Electric Grand EG70 features

  • Full Polyphony (73 notes).
  • Adjustable sympathetic resonances.
  • Realistic response to keyboard dynamics.
  • Adjustable global tuning.
  • Four dynamic curves available.
  • Realistic control panel with active EQ and Tremolo effect.
  • Stereo tremolo mode (auto-pan).
  • Adjustable note decay and release lengths.
  • Built-in stereo digital reverb.
  • On-screen help tips and readout values.
  • Low memory and CPU power needed.
  • Easy MIDI-Learn feature.

Electric Grand EG70 is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC and has an introductory price of 39 EUR until 31 October 2008 midnight CET (regular price is 49 EUR). You can download a demo version from the product page.

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