SoundGhost has announced the release of a new collection of felt piano loops and atmospherics.

The royalty free Delicate Piano pack includes melancholic piano phrases inspired by the Scandinavian neoclassical sounds of contemporary pianists and film music.

Created with a 1950’s Bentley upright piano, gently muted with some felt in order to give it a close, nostalgic sound. Focused on sparse and dynamic playing, two Aston Starlight microphones helped capture the magic of the instrument, with a pure and high quality signal chain capturing natural ambience and creaky textures from this vintage upright and surrounding environment. Pure, close and unfiltered, these recordings will hold a special place in any producers toolkit.

We’ve also included manipulated and reinterpreted versions of the base piano recordings (found in the Warps folder) which can be used to add subtle atmospheres to tracks or inspire whole new compositions. Finally, included are a number of one shots which cover a range of basic and extended chords as well as a small selection of single notes, perfect for dropping into a sampler to craft your own parts.

On sale for the intro price of £18 GBP, Delicate Piano contains a total of 130 loops and 50 one shots, alongside patches in all popular sampler formats. The regular price is £20 GBP.

More information: SoundGhost