SoundGhost has announced the release of a new granular cloud generator effect that is designed for creating beautiful ambient soundscapes with an easy to use interface.

As audio is sent into Scatter, grains playfully dance around the stereo field and audio buffer, combining to create unique and magical effects.

Combine up to 64 grains to create smooth shimmer reverbs or select a smaller number to create sporadic randomised patterns. Spread the pitches of the grains over 4 octaves, lock them to individual pitches or add randomisation, then send them through an enormous ‘space’ reverb. Scatter your sound through time and space.

Scatter features

  • Generate up to 64 grains with size, pitch and shape controls plus an additional ‘space’ reverb.
  • 5 pitch transposition modes: Chromatic, octaves, fifths, minor and major with optional randomization.
  • Freeze the audio buffer for an endless soundscape.
  • Feverse grain playback to create reversed textures.
  • Feedback control for feeding the grains back into the audio buffer for longer decay times.
  • MIDI control and automation supported.
  • Plugin window Resize functionality.
  • Native Apple silicon support (m1 + m2).

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3 and AU), Scatter is on sale for an introductory price of £39 GBP for a limited time (regular £49 GBP). A bundle with the Texturize reactive noise enhancer is available for £68 GBP.

More information: SoundGhost