SoundGym announced that they had reached 500k members that learn, practice, and improve audio and music-production skills on the platform.

SoundGym is an audio education platform that enables music-makers to learn, ear-train, and practice their skills in an interactive gamified environment. The platform presents multi-level audio games, online learning tools, in-depth performance tracking, and free learning programs.

“We’re proud that half-million music-makers and audio engineers use SoundGym to improve their audio and music-making skills. We are happy to be the educational platform that both emerging and professional music artists love using,” said Noam Gingold, founder and CEO of SoundGym. “We think of SoundGym as a big educational game where music-makers learn while playing, competing, helping each other, and having fun. This vision of an interactive, social, and gamified learning echo system, and the voice of our engaged and supportive community, will lead us forward to achieve our next goals.”

New users can sign up to SoundGym for free. The paid SoundGym Pro subscription offers unlimited access to all 20 sound games, complete workouts to train more skills every day and focused training to improve specific skills. It allows you to track progress, compare scores and train with more premium sounds.

More information: SoundGym