Soundhack Spectral Shapers

Soundhack has released version 1.29 of Spectral Shapers, a suite of filter plug-ins (based on the SoundHack program) which emphasize the reshaping of the timbre of sound.

SoundHack is a program that has been used in sound design for music and film for the last 12 years.
It is a collection of spectral filters which emphasize the creative manipulation of sound. SoundHack has been used on many films – from “The Matrix” to “The City of Lost Children” – and by many recording artists – from Nine Inch Nails to Ry Cooder to J Lesser.

Changes in Spectral Shapers v1.29

  • Fixes many small bugs.
  • Now compatible with current versions of Logic Pro and ProTools.

The Spectral Shapers are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) as a download for $99 USD, and $150 USD for the boxed version.

More information: Soundhack / Spectral Shapers