Soundiron has announced that its Tuned Micro and Granny Piano sample libraries are now available in Reason ReFill format.

Soundiron Tuned Micro & Granny Piano ReFills

We’re happy to finally announce the arrival of our first two ReFill Packs for Reason!

We’ve worked with Propellerhead to carefully optimize and redesign our classic Old Busted Granny Piano and Tuned Micro libraries specifically for the Reason 6 platform, with Combinator and NN-XT presets that truly capture the playability and advanced control functionality that people have come to love with these popular instruments.

While ReFills and Kontakt presets have very different capabilities and strengths overall, you’ll find many of the same familiar UI features, a variety of matching presets, stylized artwork and the same great sound. And don’t worry, we’ll be adding new offerings to our Reason catalog as time goes on to expand the selection for our Reason users. And existing customers of the Kontakt versions of these libraries are eligible to receive low cost cross-grades to the Reason version.

The Tuned Micro and Granny Piano ReFills are available to purchase for $29 USD and $49 USD respectively.

More information: Soundiron