Soundpaint has announced the release of a reimagination of 8Dio’s Adagio series of string libraries.

Crafted with an unparalleled level of playability and emotional realism, Adastra Ensemble Strings delivers a selection of violins, violas, cellos and basses recorded in a stone church.

ADASTRA isn’t just another library of Violins (11), Violas (8), Cellos (6), and Basses (4). It’s a symphony of emotion, a canvas of sonic possibilities artfully crafted to bring your richest creative visions to life.

With 127 Dynamic Layers, Hyper Acoustic Legato, and the power and efficiency of Soundpaint, ADASTRA is the most expressive, playable, emotional collection of strings ever.

The bundle of all 4 Adastra instruments is $90 USD, while individual instruments are $30 USD each. Upgrade paths are available to owners of 8Dio’s Adagio, Agitato, Adagietto and Anthology series.

More information: Soundpaint