Sounds And Effects Hidden Objects Percussion

Sounds And Effects has announced the release of Hidden Objects Percussion, a sound library featuring percussive hits and loops of sonic treasures found in the real world.

Rusty iron objects clanging or scraping, rubber snapped or stretched, styrofoam rubbed or struck, huge steel bands stretched tight or being struck and boing-ing, the lids of steel drums hit and ringing like gongs, bamboo tubes and canes, sea shells clicked, rubbed and struck, aluminum cans crushed, a dull metal / tin sheet being struck, palm fronds shaken, rocks struck and falling, struck buckets and tubs, zippers being zipped and undone (scratch-like effects), resonant street lamps- struck or scraped, spiral staircases struck, hack-saws sawing rhythmically, or being struck and twanging, large carbon fiber tubes pinged, ting-ing wine and martini glasses, water vases being popped, ice being scraped or dropped, a jail gate being slammed shut, concrete being smashed with a sledgehammer, and much more.

Hidden Objects Percussion features

  • Sample size: 418 Megabytes 24 bit/44.1.
  • 1001 hits samples.
  • 129 loop samples.
  • Formats: EXS-24, Reason 4.0 ReFill, Kontakt 2/3/4.

Hidden Objects Percussion is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

More information: Sounds And Effects