Les Productions Zvon has launched a Winter Holidays Sale, offering a 50% discount on most sample packs for a limited time.

Additionally, a new “Christmas Page – Sounds for the Winter Holidays” is available with a selection of sample packs for the holiday season.

On this page, you will find sample packs, or links to sample packs, that I created over the years for Christmas and the Winter Holidays. They include small and larger packs and both free and commercial ones. There are some new ones too!

The free packs offered so far are:

  • Christmas episode of the 1950’s Robin Hood TV show, Robin saves a goose from becoming the Christmas dinner, 135 samples (77 MB).
  • Fifties TV sitcom, college students needing a piano for their Christmas party, 60 samples (54 MB).
  • Mini Pack 01, six samples from 2 PD toy ads (Fifties and Sixties).
  • 2 samples from a PD Christmas movie (10 MB).

New free samples from various Public Domain TV shows and TV ads will be added regularly during the sale, which expires January 9th, 2023. They all are previously unreleased.

More information: Les Productions Zvon