Sounds Outside the Lines Revolution-808

Sounds Outside the Lines has released Revolution-808, a drum machine sample library featuring the sounds of the Roland TR-808.

Although production of the TR-808 stopped in 1983, and only 12,000 were ever produced, by the time Hip-hop had reached popularity a few short years later the 808 – and especially it’s bass drum – became the defining sound of the genre.

The TR-808 is now considered to be the most recorded electronic drum machine of the last 30 years and is still used on countless songs and productions today. From classic R&B and Hip-Hop to Rock and Pop music the TR-808 has been used by artists ranging from Marvin Gaye and Tupac to Pink and Phoenix.

Revolution-808 features

  • Intuitive user interface that mimics that actual hardware (Kontakt format).
  • 7 Layers of Round Robin sampling for unique variations between individual drum hits.
  • Available for Kontakt, EXS24 and all hardware and software samplers that support WAV format.
  • Extremely Long sample lengths which preserve the natural sustain of the drums without truncation.
  • Sampled at 24bit 96kHz.
  • Over 3600 unique samples which cover every possible tonal variation of the original TR-808.

Revolution-808 is available to purchase for $70 CAD. A sample pack version (no sampler patches) is $40 CAD, and a LE version (16-bit/44kHz) is available at $30 CAD. A bundle with Revolution-909 is also available, and a free Revolution-808 demo pack can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Sounds Outside the Lines