Teru Kamogashira has updated Freeverb3, a free sound processing library.

Freeverb3 library includes high quality freeverb, nreverb, impulse response reverb, FIR filter constructor, band splitter, hardknee/softknee compressor, stereo enhancer and lookahead soft limiter. Oversampling feature provides high quality of audio processing. The compressor provides mastering quality audio processing. This library includes XMMS plugins, audacious plugins, BMP beep media player plugins and sample programs, which enable you to test the audio effects easily.

Changes in Freeverb3 v2.5.17

  • The early reflection effects were added.
  • The progenitor reverb was updated.
  • Some base effects were updated.

The Freeverb3 library (including VST plugin) is available as a free download.

More information: Freeverb3