Sounds To Sample Vintage Deep & Tech House

Sounds To Sample has released Vintage Deep + Tech House, a new sample pack by Victor Calderone and Mike Frade.

Victor Calderone and Mike Frade follow up their best-selling debut with this deep tech collection inspired by the pioneering days of the Chicago house scene, featuring 640+ deep-fried beats and disco-inspired music loops that effortlessly combine old-school vinyl warmth with contemporary tech-house muscle.

Vintage Deep & Tech House packs in 490+MB of funk-sauced music loops, guitar and bass swingouts, early Detroit warehouse grooves, live percussion, twisted vocals, funky drummer fills, rough tops and a bumper selection of Rhodes stabs, key FX, ambience, vinyl noise, kicks, snares, slaps and more.

Vintage Deep and Tech House features

  • 490.1MB content, 649 Wav loops and one-shots.
  • Bass Loops – Live-inspired retro runs, double bass fingers and slap-licks – remastered to slip into the depths of a mix.
  • Funk & Music Loops – 55 brass-laden, afro-tinged, guitar-strummed, lounge-layered, key hammered workouts – lush music loops to inspire.
  • Glitch Vox Loops – 33 glitched and re-worked vocal toplines with the trademark Waveform sound.
  • Drum Fills – All fills – no filler: 62 real-deal motown workouts ripe to be sliced, diced or used straight from the box.
  • Percussive Loops – 26 deep tribal-inspired grooves, many offered with variants.
  • Top Loops & Snare / Clap Loops – 42 stripped-back tops and infectious snare/clap lines. Add a kick and roll.
  • Single Hits – Rare bounty of 338 disco kicks, funk snares, jazzy hats and – best of all – dusty key one-shots, deep stabs, brass hits, vinyl crackles, bass hits and ambience.
  • All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo information in the filenames.

Vintage Deep + Tech House is available to purchase for 26.59 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample