Soundtoys has announced the availability of a public beta release of Soundtoys 5.3.8, an update to its range of audio plugin which includes support for VST3.

We have been testing these versions with our beta team for many months in all DAWs, and now feel comfortable opening this up to the public as we complete our final rounds of testing. While we have done our best to provide a stable release, please note that these plug-ins are still in beta and may contain some bugs. We will be working as fast as we can to resolve any discovered issues and get to an official release ASAP.

Soundtoys users can access the beta plugins at our public beta forum, and if you have not yet purchased Soundtoys plugins you can use the public beta versions now using the 30 day trial license.

Soundtoys plugins and bundles are available for purchase at the Soundtoys store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.