Spacedad Shekrs

Spacedad has released Shekrs, a freeware virtual shaker instrument for Windows.

3rd in the ‘reception models’ series (original models by jacky-lee) based on his loo-roll, yogurtpot and papercup shakers.

There are five shakers,each plays a one beat ‘sha-ker’ sound. You’ll find them on notes C#2, D#2, F#2, G#2 and A#2 only. (click on the cups to see the notes and hear the sound).

Start by drawing some notes in your sequencer, eg four beats on C#, then use the speed control and the fine speed adjust to get it in time with your song.

Shekrs features

  • Speed (and fine adjustment), pitch shift and volume amount for each shaker.
  • Modulation controls (grids): amount, shape and speed, one set for each type.
  • Decay envelopes.
  • Hipass and Lowpass filters + resonance and filter decay.
  • Hold buttons to override decay envelopes.
  • Reverse/forward, x2 doublespeed, and loop controls.
  • Master speed.
  • Mixer/panning and master volume.
  • Distortion/bitcrushing and boosting effects.

Shekrs is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Space Raiders