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SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn synthesizer plugin to v1.7.4


SPC Plugins has updated its ArcSyn synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

SPC Plugins ArcSyn 1.7

ArcSyn is a synthesizer instrument plug-in based on typical analogue synthesizer architecture, i.e., a “virtual analogue” synthesizer. Unlike many virtual analogues, it doesn’t try and emulate a particular ‘real’ synthesizer, nor does it use 90% of your computer’s CPU time to emulate a filter which can be cloned on a 2″ (5 cm) square PCB with $5 worth of components :-)

Instead, it takes the “road less well travelled” and explores some unusual avenues of analogue (and digital) synthesis—the sort of capabilities you might find on a well-stocked modular synthesizer, including: unusual waveforms, dividers, logic functions, frequency shifters and so on. ArcSyn also introduces the concept of LFO wave sequencing, allowing extremely complex modulation patterns.

Changes in ArcSyn v1.7.4

  • Fixed bug in some oscillator SYNC waves in RESET mode.
  • Fixed bug in TUNED NOISE waveform.
  • Several improvements to the program browser menu, including a CLOSE button, better selection contrast and easier navigation.

ArcSyn (VST/AU) is available for purchase for $89 USD/79 EUR/£69 GBP. The update is free to registered users.

More information: SPC Plugins / ArcSyn

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