Spectralhead Audio SilverBox

Spectralhead Audio has released version 1.2 of SilverBox, a virtual bass line VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in SilverBox v1.2

  • Fixed: registration window freeze in Reaper.
  • Fixed: first note is played correctly.
  • Fixed: occassional crashes with multiple instances.
  • Fixed: tuning quantize works for MIDI CC too.
  • Added a new function for randomizing presets.
  • Added a new filter type: peak.
  • Bandpass/highpass/peak filters are normalized.
  • Changed the color of LCD rectangles to darkblue.
  • Knobs are now vertical linear.
  • Now supports custom skins.

SilverBox is available for 35 EUR (30% discount) until the end of November.

Visit Spectralhead Audio for more information and audio examples.