Korg nanoSERIES

Korg is now shipping the nanoSERIES, three slimline USB-powered controllers.

Despite their small size, all three controllers go HUGE when it comes to functionality, yet their intuitive layouts provide extremely easy operation for any user.

nanoSERIES features

  • nanoKEY — features a great-feeling 25-key velocity-sensitive keyboard that’s ideal for song production. The keys can also be set to send MIDI control data, further expanding its power.
  • nanoPAD — features 12 highly responsive trigger pads, also capable of sending both notes and MIDI control data, plus an X-Y pad with roll and flam functions giving you a unique interface for realistic drum programming.
  • nanoKONTROL — offers nine faders, nine knobs and 18 switches plus a full transport section for expansive control; plus it features a note input mode to help you lay down your next big groove!

The nanoKEY, nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL are now available with an MSRP of $62 USD for nanoKEY and $72 USD for nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL.

Visit Korg for more information.