Spitfire Audio has released an expansion pack for the Spitfire Chamber Strings, a deep sampled chamber orchestra instrument library for Kontakt & Kontakt Player, featuring over 244 articulations by 16 of the finest string players.

The expansion pack adds extra mics and Jake Jackson mixes.

Expand the sonic arsenal of the Spitfire Chamber Strings library with 4 additional microphone placements, and 3 beautiful stereo mixes from award winning engineer Jake Jackson. This expansion contains over 150GBs of additional content to make the most of Spitfire Chamber Strings.

Additional mics include the Outriggers (for added width), the warm Close Ribbons, close Stereo Pair, and full space of the Hall in the Gallery. Stereo mixes include Fine, Medium and Broad giving you a polished mixed straight out of the box.

The expansion is available for purchase for £349 GBP.

Spitfire has also announced the upcoming Albion V Tundra, a Kontakt Player powered library featuring a 100 piece orchestra, hand crafted drones, organic sounds created from the orchestral material, and more.

Capturing the Scandinavian zeitgeist we’ve sampled a 100 piece orchestra playing never-before-sampled instructions at the very edge of silence.

Alongside orchestral content are bellows, percussion and a characterful warped synth section. Everything you need to take it down a degree or two!

Tundra is available for pre-order for £249 GBP (regular £329 GPB).

More information: Spitfire Audio