Spitfire Audio has announced the latest title in the LABS series of free sampled instruments for the Spitfire Audio App.

Modular Piano features the sounds of an upright piano and Wurlitzer, recorded through a modular system.

In January 2019, Christian Henson made a modular piano.

He sampled his upright Schimmel felt piano and Wurlitzer, passing the signal through his modular rig — an array of analogue reverbs, delays, and other goodies — to give you four unique, beautifully atmospheric sounds with a slightly industrial edge.

Modular Piano follows Soft Piano, Strings, Drums, Amplified Cello Quartet, Electric Piano, Charango, Choir, Synth Pads, Frozen Strings and Peel Guitar, all available for download at no charge.

More information: Spitfire Audio