Splice has released a new “Splice Explores” series sample pack. Biotopia by Elliot Sharp features a bizarre and beautiful collection of mimicked animal and nature sounds entirely using synths and processed instruments.

So much of music throughout history has been inspired by birdsong, animal calls, and the natural sonic beauty of nature. And from an early age, Elliot Sharp became entranced by those very sounds. He had always been fascinated by birds and insects, industrial processes and machines, shortwave radio, and unearthly electronics. He began to develop his skills on guitars, woodwinds, and synthesizers, in addition to learning the craft of playing blues, jazz, and rock, in order to mimic some of the sounds in of nature; both in real and imagined environments.

This desire led Elliot to develop of a number of unorthodox and extended techniques which opened up a new sonic universe that could be applied to soundtrack, choreographic work, and experimental music. He further evolved these approaches and made use of them in electronic dance music and sound installations at museums across the world. His research continues to this day and Splice was lucky enough to curate a collection of these fauna inspired musical artifacts.

The latest “Splice Originals” title features a new collection of sounds from Ray Luminais. Dark Treasures conjures up supernatural powers to bring a blend of dark, eerie, and mystical ambiances with smooth yet up-front melodic loops.

Matched with the well-known cadence of Southern trap and hip hop music, this pack surely possesses the spirit any producer is looking to invoke in their production.

A lot of heavy saturation, tape emulation, and frequency cuts in to get the unique sound for Dark Treasures. The heavy Southern influence was drawn from Ray’s previous packs, Voodoo and Gutta. The melodies found in the pack were inspired by artists such as Fredo Bangs, Rob 49, Lil Baby, and Kevin Gates. He also turned to the work of producers such as Hardbody Beats, ATL Jacob, and Zaytoven for sonic sparks.

Both packs and all individual sounds are available to Splice subscribers. New users can try Splice Sounds for free with a 14-day trial.

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