ModeAudio has launched a fresh batch of 500 royalty free drum samples suitable for anything from Retro Pop to Synthwave, LoFi House, LA Beats, soulful R&B and beyond.

Created with the classic MPC 60, PO-33 and Zoom Sampletrak ST 224, the VHS Beats pack also includes 100 sounds processed with a vintage VHS deck, alongside 10 tape hiss and vinyl crackle loops, 13 drum kit sampler patches with 4 channel strips, and 5 MIDI loops.

Static dances across the screen, its soft hiss pouring from the speakers; you shove your favourite movie into the tape machine, waiting for the haze to fade into the intro credit sequence – welcome to the nostalgic sound of our latest time-travelling release, VHS Beats – Drum Machine Samples!

Hit rewind as we blast back to the glorious years of cassette cases and magnetic tape with this bumper choice of 500 royalty-free drum samples, sourced from a host of retro beat-boxes and fed through our favourite transient-sharpening, analog-warming FX.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £16 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio