Loopcloud has announced the upcoming release of the #StayInCreate bundle, a free collection comprising a plugin, tutorial and sounds in collaboration with iZotope, Loopmasters, and Producertech.

We all find ourselves in a different position than what we set out for at the beginning of 2020. The world is changing, and it’s a strange and unknown time.

As musicians and creative people, there has never been a more important time for making music and staying true to our passion. Making music not only inspires us, but it also inspires others and brings people together. It is a way to escape, to motivate us and it is essential for our wellbeing.

During this time, we have teamed up with Loopmasters, Loopcloud, Producertech and iZotope to create a free plugin, tutorial and sounds package that we call #StayInCreate. On Thursday 16th April at 17:00 BST, details of this package will be announced.

The bundle will include free points to use at Loopcloud. To take advantage of this, new users will need to be registered at Loopcloud by 5pm BST on Thursday April 16th in order to benefit.

If you have a Free Plan or a free 30-day Studio Plan trial you will get 30 free points (up to 30 free sounds) added to your Loopcloud account and if you are a current subscriber on a Paid Plan you will get 300 free points (up to 300 free sounds).

The free points will be added to each user account by 5pm BST on April 17th.

All the other included elements of #StayInCreate will be announced shortly.

More information: Loopcloud