Steinberg Museum

Steinberg has announced the Steinberg Museum, a virtual museum featuring the history of Steinberg.

Tour the newly opened Steinberg Museum which allows you to gain a comprehensive insight into the history of Steinberg, with past and present products exhibited on an array of floors. Explore company highlights, then and now, and discover secrets that the museum holds.

In a nutshell, while visiting this virtual museum, you feel like you’ve witnessed first hand the development of technologies such as VST and ASIO and top products the likes of Cubase and Nuendo.

Steinberg HALion 4

Steinberg also announced the HALion 4 Blog:

Steinberg is pleased to announce that it is working on the fourth incarnation of HALion, its widely acclaimed software sampler, and would like to keep dedicated HALion users posted on important news regarding the development of HALion 4.

For this purpose, Steinberg is adding to its social media tools with the launch of a HALion 4 development blog which will feature insights into the ongoing process, interviews and more.

More information: Steinberg