Steinberg The Grand 3

Steinberg has announced it is now shipping The Grand 3, a virtual piano instrument for Windows and Mac.

Based on three of the world’s finest and most famous grand pianos as well as one electric grand and one upright, The Grand 3 provides musicians, keyboardists and composers alike with breathtaking tonal authenticity of various piano types.

The tone of the Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial and Steinway D grand pianos plus the classic Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand and charismatic upright piano by Nordiska have been recorded to provide the artist with an entire palette of virtual piano greatness. By generating the source material to highest standards using intelligent sample architecture and latest recording technology, a uniquely warm, transparent and flexible sound is present in The Grand 3.

“After unveiling The Grand 3 at this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt — its resonance striking deep chords among the many exhibition visitors — we at Steinberg are confident that the latest version of The Grand will not only meet the expectations of VSTi users, but exceed them tenfold,” remarks Nadine Roos, product marketing manager for The Grand.

The Grand 3 is available for purchase for 349 EUR (incl. VAT).

More information: Steinberg