Steinberg Cubase 6

Steinberg has just released the previously announced and officially supported 6.0.5 maintenance update for Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6, Cubase AI 6 and Cubase LE 6.

Including refined automation handles, full support for two WK-Audio remotes and improved decoding performance under Windows, the 6.0.5 update integrates several enhancements and fixes that make the Cubase experience even more exceptional.

Changes in Cubase v6.0.5

  • Improvements:
    • Automation handle visibility – Automation handles are now displayed independently from any zoom level as soon as the mouse cursor is placed over an automation lane. If automation handles are selected, handles on all other automation lanes are displayed as well.
    • Support for WK-Audio ID-Console / ID-Mix-VU Cubase 6 now fully supports the WK Audio ID-Console / ID-Mix-VU to ensure seamless integration.
    • Video engine optimizations Under Windows OS, Cubase 6.0.5 features further improved decoding performance for Motion JPEG OpenDML video in AVI containers as well as Photo JPEG material.
  • Issues resolved:
    • Project: “Delete time” command now works properly if signature track is enabled.
    • Record: Sample rates different than 44.1kHz no longer lead to multiplication of lanes due to wrong overlap resolution on project load.
    • Record: Recording MIDI in “merge” mode no longer creates additional MIDI parts instead of merging.
    • Comping: Copying comped audio events no longer leads to moving instead of copying the events.
    • MIDI: Reloading a previously saved project in Cubase Artist no longer disables the input transformer of MIDI Tracks.
    • MIDI: Dragging a part no longer leads to inaccessibility on newly created MIDI tracks.
    • VST Expression: When playing back in cycle mode all VST Expression commands are executed entirely.
    • MediaBay: Enabling the “Align beats to project” and “Wait for project play” options no longer leads to playback issues with loops in the MediaBay previewer.
    • MediaBay: Naming folders with dots no longer leads to cropped names in the result view.
    • MediaBay: Deleting multiple attributes for an item no longer affects other attributes than those selected.
    • MediaBay: When the preference “Scan unknown file types” is active, audio files without file extensions are now properly recognized when scanning.
    • VST Bridge: VST 2 32-bit plug-ins in Cubase in 64-bit mode under Mac OS X Lion are now displayed properly.
    • VST-Bridge: Under OS X certain plug-ins no longer show up as bridged even though they were updated to support 64 bit.
    • Plug-in: The range scale of the Micro Tuner MIDI plug-in now reflects +/-100 Cents accurately.
    • Plug-in: When using HALion Sonic SE in GM mode and exporting MIDI tracks, the resulting Standard MIDI files include all program changes.
    • Plug-in: Using REVerence as an offline process plug-in now works properly.

More information: Steinberg / Cubase