Steinberg HALion Player

Steinberg has released version of their HALion Player (both the Retail and OEM versions).

New Features

  • HALion Player now supports RAMsave, it’s a technology to reduce the load time of Projects and memory consumption of Samples that aren’t used. You can activate RAMsave by hitting the RAMsave button in the left bottom corner.
    • playback your Song from start to end – HALion Player will now go into “scan-mode” and marks internally all Samples used by incoming notes on all Slots
    • hit ok if you song ended – now HALion Player unloads any Samples that weren’t in use by your Song (again for all Slots) If you want to reload all Samples for a Program on a specific Slot, simply choose “Reload” from the Slot menue.
  • Standalone version
    • New Preferences Dialog
    • Multiple physical output assignment support
    • Improved Rewire support
    • New MIDI Reset button (Panic)
  • Options Page
    • Changing the output configuration is now possible (Retail only)
    • HALion now features ultra low preload time (down to 0,1 sec) and consumes less memory for same amount of samples
    • New Mixdown mode for export (when not provided by Host, like in Logic)
  • FXP program files are compressed now for allowing smaller file sizes


  • Standalone version
    • MIDI input preferences were lost after re-loading standalone
  • Options Page
    • Better memory handling when changing preload time
    • Fixed text and help-menu for Voice Buffers
  • Various
    • Slots would reset their settings if a new program were loaded. Fixed
    • Fixed a DC offset problem which could lead up to 300db output peaks after long usage time
    • Fixed conditions in which hanging notes could occur
    • CC66 Sostenuto could cause a crash
    • OSX (AU): leaving the Program List opened and closing HALion Player could lead to a crash
    • OSX: better AU support
    • OSX: sometimes the AU plugin could loose disk-streaming ability. Fixed

Check Steinberg for more information.