Steinberg Nuendo

Steinberg has released version 4.3 of Nuendo, the fourth maintenance update for the audio- and post-production software for Windows and Mac.

“The overall goal for Nuendo 4.3 was to further improve the stability of the program. We’ve not only concentrated on addressing open issues concerned with File Import, Surround, Solo/Mute and Session handling, but have also enabled Cubase 5 projects to be opened in Nuendo 4.3. Our thanks goes out to our valued customers for their input,” comments Timo Wildenhain, marketing manager at Steinberg.

In addition, the new update also provides support for the upcoming Nuendo SyncStation, Steinberg’s new synchronizer.

“Our new synchronizer will be a benchmarking machine. The overall functionality and integration with Nuendo is absolutely outstanding,” Wildenhain continues. The Nuendo SyncStation is a joint-development of Steinberg and engineering legend Colin Broad.

Changes in Nuendo 4.3

  • Improved / changed behaviour of soloed or muted tracks in folder.
  • Improved / changed behaviour of various solo or mute status of tracks regarding automation.
  • Improved / changed behaviour of various copy / paste functions for soloed or muted tracks.
  • Improved stability of Network collaboration.
  • Improved stability for malformed iXML data.
  • Fixed: Offline Process History does not work after copying project to another computer.
  • Fixed: “Save to new project” fails if a Video track is in the project.
  • Fixed: QuickTime videos at 29.97df are truncated.
  • Fixed: QuickTime fullscreen mode on multi-display setups results in bad picture quality.
  • Fixed: Crash when Nuendo is set to timecode 60 FPS but recieves 25 FPS.
  • Fixed: Day wrap in 29.97df showed a gap.
  • Fixed: After importing some OMF files the required audio files are missing.
  • Fixed: Crash when importing BWAV files created with Cantar.
  • Fixed: Crashes with certain Macros and the audio editor.
  • Fixed: Occasionally Nuendo became unresponsive (freeze) when switching between projects or changing the routing if Direct-Monitoring was active.
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes during frequent punch in/punch out operations.
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes when Auto Save option was enabled with certain projects.
  • Fixed: Importing via X-Send is missing.
  • Fixed: Automation read was inaccurate when using Virgin Territory.
  • Fixed: Delete overlaps function does not delete all overlapping regions.
  • Fixed: Project window will scroll to the top after adding a marker in split track mode.
  • Fixed: Suspend Autoscroll and preference “locate when clicking in empty space” resulted in unexpected behaviour.
  • Fixed: Logical Editor functions “Linear Change in Loop” and “Relative Change in Loop” do not work with tracks in “Linear Time” mode.
  • Fixed: Occassionally changing the control name for the Generic Remote did not work.
  • Fixed: Some VST2 plug ins crash in surround formats 7.0 or higher.

The Nuendo 4.3 update is free and available as a download from Steinberg.

More information: Steinberg