In the course of its 20 year history, the Superbooth Festival has become a cultural happening, of communicating and celebrating the latest developments in electronic music. During this year’s edition, 12th – 14th May 2022, musician and electronic music producer Martin Stimming will present DOCtron IMC, a fully analog mastering chain in a portable package.

For any electronic music artist playing live sets, the struggles of getting every sound loud and crisp on stage will be familiar. This challenge led Stimming on a quest for a portable mastering studio. Having found none that met his standards and criteria, Stimming joined forces with the music tech company, DOCtron, who produced the DOCtron IMC device.

“It fits in our carry-on luggage and makes the signal loud enough to compete against the DJ,” explains the producer, “add some creamy lows and highs, compress it to your taste, and then squeeze it into the transformers! The music suddenly comes two steps closer!”

DOCtron IMC is a fully analog audio processor in a portable package weighing 1kg only. Its core is a genuine drive circuit, which is based on a pair of Lundahl hi-end output transformers. Although the device was designed with hardware-only live sets in mind, it also works wonders in the studio as a powerful bus compressor and saturator.

DOCtron IMC is handmade by DOCtron in Mittelfranken, Germany and is now on sale worldwide for 2,799 EUR incl. 19% German VAT.

More information: Instant Mastering Chain