Noiiz has released Storytelling, a new sample pack by 43% Giant.

43 Giant Storytelling

The sample pack moves the focus away from big electronic production packs, towards something more immersive and emotional.

With inspiration drawn from mimicking the shape of real orchestral instruments using in the box synths and hardware, this pack can truly aid your journey in telling your own story.

Designed to help you start, build upon or finish your track, the collection includes: smooth synthesised strings, delicate harps, glistening bells, intimate pianos and heavenly pads. Throw in a folder of ‘track starters’, some choppy drums, percussion and arpeggios and you’re well on your way!

With a strong lean towards chillwave and ambient idm, this pack is also great for adding an organic glitched feel to any production. Download today and feel the wash of inspiration!

Sanibel Audio’s first release at Noiiz is Epic Sci-Fi, an extensive one shot collection of intricate unique foley, ground-shaking impacts, hefty risers, complex percussion, diverse FX and delicate chimes.

Noiiz Sanibel Audio Epic Sci Fi

Formed from a mixture of real world field recordings and synths (such as the Arturia MatrixBrute and Access Virus TI Snow). This pack holds a world of blended sounds and textures that are ready to drop into any track.

Drawing inspiration from film and video games, this pack works with all genres and will certainly give your production a touch of gravitas.

Duality: Bass Tapes by RusHeffect offers an intricate collection of bass loops and one shots, that have been painstakingly recorded and sent through either a Tascam 4track Portastudio, Technics M17 tape deck or Philips D6350 then back to a DAW for fine tuning.

Noiiz RusHeffect Duality Bass Tapes

Providing you with not only rumbling hypnotic basslines, but added natural artefacts and flanging that can only be created by recording to tape. Corresponding clean loops and one shots are provided to give you maximum creative flexibility.

Produced using formidable and iconic synths such as the Roland Juno-60, Moog Modular, Moog Taurus, Arp Quadra, Korg Polysix, Minimoog and Memorymoog. In addition 10 one shot tape effects such as button presses and fast forwards have also been included for good measure.

Zetta’s debut at Noiiz is Serum: Triadic Bass, a collection of 75 sounds for the Serum synthesizer by Xfer Records.

Noiiz Zetta Serum Triadic Bass

‘Serum: Triadic Bass’ contains a vast array of 75 Serum presets crammed full of intense metallic basses, dreamy bells, foreboding FX, peppy plucks, rich synths, powerful leads and warm pads. Suitable for any production that needs a bit of electric snarl!

São Paolo based dubstep producer Zetta has made full use of Serum’s flexibility by including 3-4 macro controls in each preset, so you can shape the sound to your genre.

The packs are now available to Noiiz subscribers.

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