Stretch That Note has announced a Holiday sale, offering its sample libraries at a limited time discounts.

Mince pies, egg-nog and turkey aren’t your only route to a fat bottom end this Christmas — because Stretch That Note’s Layered Sample Madness sale kicks off on Friday 14 December. Lasting right through the holiday period, the sale gives you a whopping 40% off a collection of the very best kick- and bass-layering instruments you could wish for!

Everything you need to spend your Christmas and New Year carefully crafting the tightest, phattest and freshest of beats has been wrapped up in two tidy collections.

Stretch That Note Low-End
  • Offer 1: Sort out your low-end (NI Kontakt modules) $100

    Comprising all three DruMM libraries (DruMM 1,2 & 3) and two bass instruments from the same series, L.E.W.D. and PULSE, which combine kick and pitched synth sounds to give you an earthquake-inducing foundation for your tracks.

Stretch That Note Sample Madness
  • Offer 2: Layered Sample Madness (WAV samples) $100

    Comprising samples from all three DruMM libraries (DruMM 1,2 & 3) and the new RAW layering Kits. These aren’t just ‘sample libraries’, though — drawing on STN founder Eddie Bazil’s decades of experience in sound design they combine the expertly chopped and layered attack, decay, sustain and release elements of various acoustic and electronic drums giving you unparalleled and dynamic control over the sound. The sophisticated layering techniques also make clever use of frequency-specific phase cancellation and Mid/Sides processing, giving you — quite literally — an added dimension to your layered sounds.

The offers are available for $100 USD (over 40% off regular of $170). The sale ends on 2 January 2013, at 5pm GMT.

More information: Stretch That Note