Studio Brootle has returned with another free sample pack with the sounds of one of Roland’s TR-series drum machines.

The Studio Brootle 808 Sample Pack contains a total of 36 samples created with the TR-808 Rhythm Composer.

Possibly the most sampled drum machine of all time the tr808, known for its booming kick and huge snares (especially when layered with the clap ala 80s electro). Used in techno, electro, house, hip hop and further afield for 40 years, it is a beast of a machine.

I’ve processed it here with various saturations and overdrives for more mid range and high end, and added eq-sculpted distorted reverb rumbles from the kicks and low toms for modern techno bass.

The sample pack is free to download at the Studio Brootle website, alongside packs with the sounds of the 909, 707 and 606.

More information: Studio Brootle