Studio Wormbone has released Electronified: Drum Kits & One-Shot Hits, a collection of passionately crafted, synthetic percussive sounds.

What is the most efficient way to present a robust new goldmine of electronic drum elements? To group them into tighly compact Kit clusters, or to sort them into easily accessible folders by type? Both! That’s how ‘Electronified: Drum Kits & One-Shot Hits’ is able to make your creative process move fluidly towards musical bliss.

Whether you want to quickly load a newly matched Kit into your favourite sampler/software to design beats instantly, stack Construction Kit style loops, or invent your own personalised pallette, drawing sounds from a deep pool of rich options, you’ll be bobbing your head to delicious highly technological grooves in no time.

Electronified features

  • 10 prearranged electronic Drum Kits containing 15 sounds each. There are two kicks, two snares, two hi-hats, two cymbals, three toms, and four effects in each of these Kits. This ensures a wide range of versatility and totals 150 sounds.
  • There are also 50 Construction Kit loops using mainly the above mentioned Kit sounds. These are at 130BPM and include REX2 format versions in addition to WAV.
  • The one-shot hit section is categorised by type. Aggressive, ambient, cymbals, futuristic, effects, hi-hats, kicks, metallic, snares, and tom hits are found in these ten folders with 20 new sounds in each folder. That puts the one-shot hits at a total of 200 individual sounds.
  • Over 300 MB total content, WAV 24-Bit/44.1kHz with additional REX2 versions for loops.
  • All files are 100% royalty-free.

Electronified is available to purchase from Roqstar for $19.99 USD.

Visit Studio Wormbone for more information.